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Comprehensive Care w/ Dr. Kim Henderson

Embark on a healing journey to get to the root of the health concerns you haven’t yet found a solution for

Dr. Kim will create a customized roadmap for you using the diagnostics, therapeutics, and experience that she’s acquired through 30+ years of working with patients.

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What is this service?

One-on-one care with Dr. Kim to address your health at a deep level

Committing to this care will initiate one-on-one work with Dr. Kim, a path to improve your current health concerns and move towards greater well-being.

Using chiropractic in conjunction with a plethora of other modalities (see below), Dr. Kim can personalize a plan that can begin to improve the physical restrictions and support the body returning to normal physiologic function.

Patients initially commit to weekly visits over a 6-8 week period to begin to see how the treatments can begin to allow for relief and overall improvement. Additionally, they commit to prescribed home tasks to facilitate the improvement.

When you decide to commit and team with Dr. Kim, you are opening yourself up to increased possibilities for your health and well-being.

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The combination of tools used are unique to your case and needs

Dr. Kim will design a plan using the following modalities to support you in reaching greater health and well being.

Who is this for?

For those truly ready to dive in and commit to figuring out the root of their health concerns

Are you ready for this journey? We are ready to support you if you are.

Good candidates typically:

  • Have chronic conditions or pain
  • Haven’t responded well or improved using conventional methods
  • Are committed to being a proactive participant in their improved health and well-being journey
  • Are ready to feel better and get to the bottom of their health condition

Complete our application to let us know about your circumstances, so we can see if you’d be a good match for this work.

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