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Chiropractor & Holistic Doctor in Northbrook, IL

Demystifying the healing journey. Reminding your body it can heal.

We take chiropractic care to a deep level by combining an eclectic array of alternative medicine modalities all aimed at removing the obstacles that get in the way of the body's ability to heal.

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30+ years of healing experience to support you in a personalized pathway to true & deep health transformation

Dr. Kim Henderson has accumulated profound wisdom and experience around the healing journey over her many years working with patients.

She works closely with patients that are ready to get to the core of their chronic health concerns.

She combines chiropractic with numerous other modalities to give each patient the prescription they require to move past and through the healing plateaus preventing them from living their most pain-free and healthful lives.

If you’re ready to commit to healing, she’s ready to support and guide you through that process.

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For those ready to improve their health circumstances, there are always steps we can take to move you towards greater health & well-being. Let us partner with you to see what's possible.


Ways to receive care at Health Clarified

We are supporting patients in two main ways. Do a deep dive with Comprehensive Care, or access our wide range of modalities through our A La Carte treatments

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Comprehensive care w/ Dr. Kim Henderson

Work 1-on-1 with Dr. Kim to go deep with your healing journey

Our Comprehensive Care offering is for those desiring to go deep with Dr. Kim using the many healing modalities at her disposal in conjunction with her decades of clinical experience.

She aims to meet you where you are and begin unraveling the imbalances contributing to your current condition.

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A la Carte Treatments

Pick & choose from the many modalities that we offer at Health Clarified

We offer many modalities that can improve and optimize your health. We support and guide you based on your health goals.

This option is great if you have an interest in a particular modality, aren’t ready or able to commit to Comprehensive Care, or have more targeted health goals with a less complex health situation.

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Health Clarified provides modalities aimed to ignite your body's innate ability to heal

Below are just some of the modalities offered. Click below to see the wide array of modalities we incorporate at Health Clarified.


Hear from those forever changed by working with Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim’s unique approach to supporting patients on their healing journeys has impacted many that haven’t found improvement with other methods. 

Read their words to better understand the outcomes that can happen with her approach and the overall benefits of working with Dr. Kim.

Wow, where to begin? Resetting my parasympathetic nervous system helped cured so many issues. Her intuitive nature and insistence on finding root causes are what sets her apart from other chiropractors.


Amazing – years of pain have been fully relieved. Truly a visionary!


My health has totally improved as well as my attitude toward treating any illness I have come across. I so enjoy discussing treatment with Dr. Kim and customizing my own care.


I have had lower back pain for a couple of decades. I have used other medical services that brought temporary relief. However, with Dr. Kim’s treatments, I am no longer in constant discomfort.


Dr. Kim is amazing! She has so many tools in her bag, so if one approach doesn’t work she goes to something else.


Always a great experience to be in her company. She’s tremendously skilled and gives great advice on how to eliminate many difficulties. What a pleasure to know her and reap the benefits of her expertise!


I’ve been to many holistic chiropractic doctors, and Dr. Kim hands down is the best in the area. She is not a typical 10 min chiro who cracks the bones. She takes time, she listens to you and your body and she helps it heal. I love her.