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A la carte treatments

Pick & choose from Health Clarified’s powerful modality offerings to move towards greater health & well-being

At Health Clarified, we have numerous modalities all aimed at supporting your body’s greatest health potential, and you can access some of them without accessing our Comprehensive Care Service.

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Health Clarified's A La Carte Modalities

Below you will see the modality offerings that can be received on their own without being a part of a Comprehensive Care plan.

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How this works

A La Carte offerings can be scheduled through our online portal

Choose the modality (or modalities) that you would like to schedule an appointment for. Then, create an account with our online portal system called Jane.

Some of these offerings can be purchased as a package or bundled with other available A La Carte offerings (not all modalities are available in a bundle or package).

The next step is to visit our portal and schedule your appointment. You will be prompted to create an account to begin the process.

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